Съдбата на сем. Волк(Volk)


г-н Томас Райковски се свърза с нас, понеже се опитва да разбере каква е съдбата на неговите роднини, които са живели в Твърдица през миналия век. Ето го цялото писмо и снимката на семейството.

Българска версия на писмото (авто. превод)

Русская версия письма (авто. перевод)

Thomas Rajkowski,
Research of family-history

Tvarditsa-Twardiza Moldavien/Moldau/Moldawien

To whom it may concern

Dear Madam or Sir,

I most poilitely ask for Your help in my researches on the history of my family - and here are the information I could collect up to now:

My grandmother Olga Volk comes from Bessarabia, where she and her family lived in a village named Tvarditsa (with a bulgarian majority).

The father of my grandmother, Johannes Volk, died very early (date is unkown to me); in 1926 the last sister of my grandmother was born - her name: Helena Volk.

When her father died, my grandmother Olga Volk had very early (in an age of 15 – 18 years) to go to work in other families as a householder´s assistance. Since that time she had non contacts to her own family anymore.

With resettlers form Bessarabia my grandmother Olga Volk came to Ettlingen/ Germany where she worked and did meet and marry my grandfather Paul Krause.
In the marriage certificate of my grandparents from 1944 is mentioned: the day of their marriage, 11.03.1944, is the anniversary-day , when Olga Volks father died in Tvardtisa/Bessarabia.
This note in the marriage certificate is the last known advice on the place of residence of our family in Bessarabia.

I´m trying to get all possible informations about the family in Tvarditsa, especially
- the grave of Johannes Volk, the father of my grandmother
- the whereabouts (stay, places of residence) of mother and brothers and sisters
Our family was of catholic religion and so I also would be interested in the history of Tvarditsa. Do there still exist documents out of these days in the resident´s registration office, in the municipial archives or in the archive of the vicarage or parish? I would be very grateful for any information and fotos and city-maps from the past or today. If it is possible and not to time-consuming for You, all these docouments or materials might be sent by mail
to Germany.

Here some more informations about my family in Tvarditsa:
Father (my Great-grandfather)
Johannes Volk
Profession Shoemaker
Born in Krasna/Bessarabia, 10.03.1893/ Catholic Church in Krasna
Died Date UNKNOWN (did not live 11.03.1944), Cemetery, probably: Tvarditsa
Helene Volk, born Fedorenko
Profession Housewife
Place of Residence Twardiza/ Bessarabia
Born 16.08.1896
Died (?) Cemeter (?)

Children of Johannes and Helene Volk
Olga Volk born 31.08.1918 in Vedensk
Marriage with Paul Theophil Krause in Ettlingen/Germany at 11.03.1944. Lived and died in Dirschau/ former Western Prussia, today: Tczew in Poland

Ida Volk born 17.09.1921
Emma Volk born 26.07.1923
Helena Volk born 02.06.1926
Johannes Volk born on 03.05.1929

Dear Madam, dear Sir, these all the informations I could find out up to now
on behalf of the roots of my family and now I am asking for Your support to
know more

I thank You for Your help and cooperation,
very sincerely, Yours
Thomas Rajkowski

Olga Volk(Krause)

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Анонимен каза...

Ако позволите, бих обърнала вниманието ви на неточната транслация на името на Familiе Volк - фамилия Фолк от немски. Един звук, но променя смисъла и звученето на името.
Надявам се това уточнение да е от полза за търсенето.